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For The Ladies EP

8 Feb



This Mashup EP essentially sums up every popular EDM song of the past while. Great transitions within each song, and an all around great work. Enjoy.



DJ Tuto – Momentum Mashup EP

12 Jan



Damn, Costa Rica really can turn out some seriously good tracks. This mashup EP has a complete collection of amazing fresh music, and is sure to get any party or rave you have going hard. Hope you enjoy.

Here is a sample:

You can download the whole thing here:


Mac Miller – All The Time Ft Ab-Soul

9 Jan

This is a new track by Mac Miller and Ab-Soul, Mac Miller is releasing a new EP called Pink Slime with Pharrell on February 15th. After I heard this announcement I was pretty excited because of the fact he hasn’t released anything since blue slide park. If you like Mac Miller this will give you Eargasms!

¡Three Loco! – Morphine Popsicle

7 Jan

The constant dopeness that is Three Loco just released a track that didn’t make it to their official EP.

Bonus: Awesome track from Workaholics.

Sibot – Magnet Jam EP

7 Jan

Want something new? Something musically fresh? Well Sibot, Mad Decent’s tribal rhythms god has come out with a new EP full of unique, mind blowingly cool beats.

Bonus: Coaster remixes one of the newest tracks from Skrillex’s latest experimental EP, “Leaving”