Sidney Samson – The World Is Yours (Valentino Khan Remix)

8 Feb



Week three of Valentino Khan’s Trap thursdays! Each time he comes out with something just phenomenal. With a great glitchy trap style, this unique track will get you groovin. Enjoy


Thunder Moose – Chain Reaction (Original Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD

8 Feb



Here is a phenomenal track just released in an EP from Thunder Moose. With great melodies and a heavy base, you’ll be sure to adore this track. Be sure to check out the rest of hisEP on soundcloud. Enjoy.

Spector – Chevy Thunder

5 Feb


Kickass track with kickass speedpicking and a kickass music video. It kicks ass.

Pogo – Austin 1911 (Red Dead Redemption Remix)

1 Feb


Here’s Pogo’s brand new remix of Red Dead Redemption, featuring his brother some of the guitar parts. For those of you not familiar, Pogo makes music by remixing his favorite Movies, Games, and pretty much anything that makes a sound, percussive or otherwise. He never uses autotune so to retain the emotion of the original sound source which potentially results in major nostalgia bursts. It is absolutely safe to say that he is one of the most talented remixers known to music. Don’t believe me? Check his sight for some great free tracks.

Strangejuice – Carposina Distincta

31 Jan


One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while, Carposina Distincta’s integration of harsh vocals with soft makes this song hit the spot.

Avicii – Three Million ft. Negin (Your love is so amazing)

31 Jan




Newest Avicii track fresh from his soundcloud page celebrating 3 million likes on facebook!

Valentino Khan – Twerk 4 Gold (Original Mix)

26 Jan



2013 being the year of the white girl twerk, this song is very fitting. Perfect for some serious twerking, and even just raging in general. Enjoy.