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Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For A******* (ft. Chiddy Bang)

18 Feb

Hoodie Allen is coming out with new stuff every day for his new album and this one is hours old and with Chiddy, so sick. I’m a huge Hoodie and Chiddy fan, and this song is great, enjoy the eargasms!


Pogo – Austin 1911 (Red Dead Redemption Remix)

1 Feb


Here’s Pogo’s brand new remix of Red Dead Redemption, featuring his brother some of the guitar parts. For those of you not familiar, Pogo makes music by remixing his favorite Movies, Games, and pretty much anything that makes a sound, percussive or otherwise. He never uses autotune so to retain the emotion of the original sound source which potentially results in major nostalgia bursts. It is absolutely safe to say that he is one of the most talented remixers known to music. Don’t believe me? Check his sight for some great free tracks.

Indie EDM

25 Jan

Indie House… The sub genre that combines the underground experimentation of independent music with the possibilities of a computer. The idea is to create a sound that can never or will never be recreated. A unique experience that takes over your body for 4-5 minutes.

Disclosure in an amazing example of a track that erases the rest of the world. Your thoughts disappear and you are lost in the bass line and the amazing vocals of Sam Smith.

Sibot is another example of how when there are no genres, anything is possible. With influences from funk, house, and even indie, Sibot creates a sound like no other.

Baauer takes the idea of indie house and combines it with trap creating a musical masterpiece that can not be defined by a genre.

Lastly, NiT GriT transforms the beautiful vocals of Bon Iver into the chillest chillstep you’ll ever hear.

Washed Out – You and I

25 Jan


This song is like lazy Sunday shower sex: you don’t forget it, it’s great before bed, it’s personal, and you feel sorry for those poor fools who will never experience it. Washed Out is a one man band consisting of Ernest Greene who made this track and others from his album Within and Without from his bedroom studio. Living it.

Pogo – Grover Groove (Sesame Street mashup)

23 Jan


This is Pogo’s brand new mix, a mashup of sounds from Sesame Street 1969 – 1979. Such a nice mix and a taste of what’s to come.
Pogo’s back baby!

Télépopmusik – Smile (P.SUS Remix)

22 Jan


Here’s P.SUS’ remix of Télépopmusik’s “Smile”. Télépopmusik: P.SUSified. Freekin chill, what else can be said?

Evan Awake – Circle of Transmigration

22 Jan


Here’s one of Evan Awake’s tracks on his and Breezewax’s collab album “Prima Vista”, a definite Jazzhop favorite. You can download this album at your own price at Breezewax’s Bandcamp.